Back to the Beginning

Carla: With all the excitement over Sarah Palin, our little revolution has gotten off to a slightly premature start. Caryn and I have been dreaming about this idea for nearly a year and haven’t quite been able to find the voice we feel this movement deserves. Sarah Palin kicked us into high gear, which might have been just what we needed. Whether we’re ready or not, we are thrilled to have all of you here and helping us start new conversations about motherhood. I have been so impressed with the insight and graciousness of the¬†comments we’ve gotten. And I’m thrilled that you’ve been passing us along to your friends. We really do want this to be an open conversation where ideas and opinions are shared with grace and a mutual desire to see women thrive in the midst of motherhood.

My husband told me that what he liked most about what we’re doing is the way Caryn and I talk to each other. He said, “You’re proving that people can disagree without being obnoxious and trying to prove their rightness.” And that’s one of our highest hopes for the revolution, that it moves our culture away from the language of “mommy wars” and into a way of talking about motherhood that makes room for all the ways we live and work as women. So please keep telling us what you think–about what we’ve written, about what you’d like us to write about, about where you see the Mommy Revolution taking hold in your life.


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