Christianity 21: The Revolution Live!

Carla: This October 9-11, I’m going to be joining 20 other female presenters at conference called Christianity 21. Here’s the skinny: This is not a women’s conference. It is a conference about the future of the church–where we are going as we moving further into the 21st century. The women who are speaking will talk about everything from art to writing to heavy-hitting theology. Go take a look at the presenters and tell me you wouldn’t want to spend a weekend with these astonishing women (including Rev Mommies Makeesha and Julie) This is an extraordinary event in which women will give voice to what we believe the church needs to be and do to embody the Gospel in this place and time. I mean seriously, it’s going to be phenomenal!

As if that weren’t enough, Caryn and I are hosting a little gathering to talk about the Mommy Revolution, and we’d love to have you join us. We’ll give you more info on date and time as we get closer to October.

Caryn: I’m getting ridiculously excited about this. I have been, actually, since I first saw the “thing” about it a few months back. Then, I got even more excited when Carla said she’d consider me the 22nd most important voice of Christianity in the 21st Century. And, again, when we decided to roll the Rev live up there.

It’s going to be awesome. You don’t want to miss this. Especially if you happen to not be of the emerging persuasion. Maybe even a John Calvin fan. Maybe you don’t vote Democratic. Actually, PLEASE come if you’re like this because God knows I’m going to get lonely up there otherwise. (Am I wrong, Carla?) But we’ll all be one in Jesus and/or we’ll all be one in our Mommy Revolution-ish-ness.

To register for this bit of awesomeness, click here and hit the big Register button. Be sure to enter the promo code “MomRev” when you do! Then we’ll know you’re coming.

Carla: We emerging types aren’t all democrats–there are at least a few independents in the mix. Seriously, this event is open to all political and theological perspectives. It will be a time of conversation and hopefullness and new ideas about how we can all move into the future together as brothers and sisters in Christ. If you need childcare, there will be childcare. If you want to meet with a spiritual director, there will be spiritual direction. If you want to meet Phyllis Tickle, there will be Phyllis Tickle. Really, you can’t go wrong.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by April G. on August 6, 2009 at 7:28 am

    I go to an emergent church and typically vote Republican – ooooooo – SCARY! I am excited to get together with all of you!


  2. April: Funny you should mention your voting record. I saw that on your Facebook page and just about fell of my chair! : ) Seriously, though, I LOVE being surrounded by people who disagree with me on all sorts of things–as long as they’re funny and fun and nice in other ways. Makes life so much more interesting.


  3. My October calendar is usually jammed with speaking gigs. But courtesy of the recession, I’ve got that and several other weekends open, so I’m planning to be there. It sounds totally cool.
    can’t wait to meet some of you.


  4. hoping beyond hope to make it happen….


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