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The Rev Interview

Caryn: So when I started on my new “career” as a speaker and starting hitting up the church-women circuit, on more than one occasion I had people tell me I reminded them of this Elisabeth Corcoran woman. I’m not sure that it’s complimentary to her, but I took it as one since I’d heard Elisabeth speak and enjoyed her writing. But honestly, I think it’s just because we both have long, blonde hair. And truth be told, although we blondes get mocked for being stupid, the rest of the world seems to think all us long-blonde-haired types look alike. Now, who’s stupid….?

All this to say, Elisabeth and I have become dear Facebook friends, and have tried to connect for lunch, but I just keep dropping the ball because of this darned mommy-writing thing I have going on (she’s free as a bird with kids in school all day!). And Elisabeth just wrote a new book called He IS Just That Into You, which is fun and real and funny and deep and all the things we love at here at the Mommy Revolution.

Since a major theme of her book is on God’s faithfulness, I asked her a couple questions about that:

Caryn: What are three (or whatever) of the craziest ways you’ve seen God show up in your life?

Elisabeth: He told me actual directions to get to a home décor store once.  Seriously.  (It’s in the book.)

One time when I was away on a retreat alone, I felt him show up to bring me huge, deep healing after a long stretch of sadness.  (In the book.)

Almost every moment that I can recall from my times in Africa.  (In the book. 😉 

Caryn: We’re all about expectation and myth-busting. How has God’s faithfulness to you helped you live out motherhood in a more “true-to-you and true-to-God” fashion (fashion meaning, way, I’m not talking about your home decoration store stuff here)?

E: I really desire to have a daily and moment-to-moment relationship with God that influences my life, not just a Sunday thing, and not just a quiet time thing, and not just an all-talk thing.  I remember a very clear time when God showed me how much He cared about my daughter by using the Spirit to nudge me to pick her up early from a sleepover.  I didn’t listen.  I choose not to listen.  She called a few hours later saying they were watching a really scary and inappropriate movie.  I told her I was sorry and that I would listen in the future when the Spirit was nudging.  (In the book.  I’m noticing a trend here…)  😉

C: How do you communicate God’s faithfulness to your kids?

E: I pray for them and with them.  I ask others to pray for them.  A very recent (not in the book!) example is that my son is having some issues adjusting to middle school – who wouldn’t?  Just two days I asked a few friends and my mom to pray for him.  He came home that day saying he had a much better day and even his homework time went ridiculously more smoothly.  Though I didn’t tell him that I told all my friends to pray for him so he wouldn’t be embarrassed, I did say, “I bet I know why it was a better day…Grammy was praying for you all day today.”  He’s able to connect that praying actually works in his daily life.  Love when that happens.

C: Is there anything you’re currently waiting for God to be faithful on? How has your past experience with his showing up affected your patience or perserverance?

E: I have a relationship in my life that is consistently difficult.  I’m no longer waiting on God to change my circumstances like I used to be; now I’m waiting on God to keep my buoyed up in the harder moments.  And he has been and does.  I’ve seen him get me through really huge hard things without me completely losing it, so I know I can get through this with him walking me through it.

For more about the book or Elisabeth, visit her website or watch the fancy little book trailer.