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My Dream Girl

Carla: At the risk of sending you away and you never coming back, let me introduce you to the Pioneer Woman. Now some of you are probably already ¬†well-aquainted with the lovely Ree Drummond and her highly funny, beautiful, endlessly entertaining presence on the Interwebs. But if you’re not, go meet her. Just please come back and visit your old Revolutionary friends now and then, will you?

Once you check it out, I probably won’t need to tell you why I am so enamored of this site. Here’s a woman who takes excellent pictures, homeschools her kids, cooks, writes, loves her husband, is decorating her gorgeous mountain lodge, and confesses that most days she is pretty clueless about how to do any of those things. Plus she has a basset hound.

But I think what I like most is that she seems happy. She isn’t cynical. She isn’t ornery or snide or smarmy. She’s doing her thing–which seems to be working out very well for her–and taking the struggles in stride. She doesn’t gloss over the messy parts of her life but I never get the sense that she’s bitter about living on a cattle ranch and all the manure in the laundry that must involve. She has four kids and has found ways to balance their needs with her own–sometimes more successfully than others. She just has a vibe about her that I find so refreshing.

I’m pretty sure she is who I want to be when I grow up.