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The Days of Our Lives

Caryn: So I was just sitting here reflecting—admiring, really, if you must know—the things I did today. Allow me to share: I got my son off to school, took my daughter to her weekly morning church program. Sat in the coffee shop and worked on a chapter for my next book. Went to a “worship planning” meeting at church (I brought what my pastor called “a whole lotta nada” to the meeting, but still….). Listened to a draft of a song to which I WROTE the lyrics (well, me and Habakkuk). Then back home to get daughter ready for kindergarden. (A friend took her home from her morning thing.)

Then I took her to school. Went with my three-year-old to my mom’s house to walk her dog for her. Then, I headed out to Wheaton to drop off some freelance work, scooted over to Christianity Today International (of “Caryn and Carla used to work there” fame) to pick up something for my conference this weekend. Then I went to Culvers for a snack pack. (Walleye is back! Just FYI.)

Then I came home, edited a blog post and got the kids from the bus. Then I talked to a woman from a church where I’m speaking in a week. Then I “cooked” dinner and headed off to a marketing committee meeting for my kids school, where basically, we make all sorts of plans to rule the world. Came home, got last the kid to bed and sat down to check Facebook and reflect on my day.

Which brings me to here: I realized that today I think I did at least a small amount of work on every random thing I’m involved in. Every part of my life somehow meshed together (except, I realized, the Mommy Revolution, which is why I’m now writing this). This never happens. But I’m so glad it did.

While I’m sure I just bored you to tears with the recount of my day, I have to say, it’s been one of my favorite days in a long time—because it contained all the things I love to do. And it involved some of my favorite people. And I just wanted to document this—maybe even celebrate it. Because I’m sure tomorrow will be filled with all sorts of horrors and me pulling out my hair wondering when I am ever going to catch a break and get to do what I love.

Well, today I got a huge break. I did what I love to do today. Feels really good. So I wanted you to know. How was your day, Carla?

Carla: meh.

I, too, love those days when I feel like it was worth waking up, days when I used my brain and my creative juices and my muscles and my heart. I love feeling engaged with my life. But I haven’t had one of those in a long time and I could use a few.

So it’s funny that you mention this because the lack of those days has been weighing on me of late. The hubs and I had a big “discussion” about this last week. Since he is often the only adult I talk to in a given day, he gets all of my rantings and ramblings and stunted efforts at complex thinking. And sometimes he has the energy to engage in all of that and sometimes he doesn’t. Anyway, I have been frustrated that I can’t seem to find the time or the energy or the mojo to get engaged. I feel like I’m drifting through my days and I don’t like it.

So how do I get there? (psst Caryn, I’m asking for real. Tell me what to do.)

On the bright side, I have started a teaching gig that I LOVE but that is also a lot of work and taking up both too little and too much of my life. As with most things, if it was all I had to do, it would be fantastic.

Caryn: Carla, I have no idea. I’m in major drift mode most of the time—hence my delight when a day really cranks. Of course, I wrote that yesterday and indeed today was gross. Not horrible. But not filled with anything I like.

But I wonder if any of the other Revolutionaries have ideas on how to stop drifting through days and crank? Or, do some of you like drifting?