Guru Fever

Carla: It goes against every fiber of my being to too my own horn, but I am pretty excited about this opportunity that’s in front of me and I wanted to tell you about it. I’ve been chosen as a top 20 finalist in Good Morning America’s Advice Guru search. The competition is fierce, and it’s rather intimidating to be competing with a woman whose books are on my bookshelf (hello Vicky Iovine!). So all of my self-doubts and insecurities are threatening to suck the joy out of this rather amazing turn of events. Still, I wanted to tell you about it because you have helped me get to this point.

I applied for this position because it seemed like a chance to keep talking about the kinds of things we deal with here at the MR. It’s a way to keep shifting people’s ideas of family, of parenting, of children, of motherhood toward something more sustainable. Whether I get that chance or not, I am incredibly grateful for this community where those conversations have been–and continue to be–so meaningful for so many people, myself included.

I don’t know much about the next steps, but for now, people are invited to comment on the profile pages of the finalists and “like” them on Facebook. If you’re so inclined, I’d love your support.

Caryn: Okay, you know how excited I am for you. I’m tempted to ask who I need to sleep with to make this happen. That’s how good a friend I am (well, almost, of course, I’d never actually do that. Totally kidding, GMA–and, my dear husband, Rafi. Love you!). But Vicki Freakin’ Iovine?!?!? She’s a hero. And yes, that’s some serious competition.

That said, she’s no Carla Barnhill. Obviously, you’re the better choice. What I think we should do at the Rev to get the ball rolling is to have Revolutionaries ASK you questions and get to hear your wisdom.

So start asking, people! And we’ll have Carla answer them here. You game, Carla? Are you paying attention, GMA?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Just saw this on Facebook. A friend’s asking: My [toddler] daughter has hit my [infant] son 3 times already this morning. Parents, how do you deal with an aggressive toddler? I know it’s normal, but she’s making me lose my mind.

    Carla, can you take it away? Maybe we can create a new Carla’s Advice post?


  2. Vicki Iovine is already famous. Plenty of people already have the benefit of her advice. GMA needs Carla Barnhill.


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