Parenting Taboos

This. Is. Genius.

And, clearly, stolen from us.




One response to this post.

  1. Very interesting. My mother used to tell me that we didn’t tell people we were pregnant until past the first trimester because of the high rate of miscarriage before then. “We don’t want to put everyone through that.” Who on earth is going through something more than the mother!! I wasn’t a good complier with this nonsense.

    I got the impression they had more taboos up their sleeves. I hope one of them that they’re exposing is boredom. I wished that I could have admitted that I was bored with reading ABC’s one more time. I tried to realize that every day was precious and that ‘they would grow up so fast’…but every day seemed so long and lots of them tedious.

    There. I admitted it.

    Loved the litte gaffers though and would love a VISIT with my toddlers again.


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